About us

Customers of the Canary Islands International Test Site contract directly with SGS for certification for which we are pleased to offer menu pricing.

Pricing can be offered for:
- Certified Power Curve only
- Certified Power Curve + Certified Acoustic Report
- Certified Power Curve + Certified Acoustic Report + Duration Test
- All Type tests + Design Evaluation+ Manufacturing Evaluation = Full Certification
- Optional additional cost for : MCS, AWEA, GL guidelines

Pricing is different for a HAWT and a VAWT (or special design requiring aerolastic modelling) reflecting the different work level involved as defined by the standard
Our pricing is both open and fixed – not variable according to our assessment of the customers ability to pay
We also offer a discount structure determined by the number of turbines certified for a customer

InfoFor a quotation please contact Stephen Tasker : email stephen.tasker@61400-2.com, Telephone 00 44 (0) 7909 328185, Skype : stephen.tasker2

  • No retest fee certified power curve offer

    We understand the commercial pressure for a manufacturer to come to market as quickly as possible and also that installation on a high wind speed test site may give different results requiring minor changes.
    In consideration of this we make the offer: No retest fee if the certified power curve test must be restarted due to modifications being necessary[1]

    [1] Maximum 3 certified power curve tests if certified power curve only commitment. Maximum 6 certified power curve tests if commitment to full certification.

  • 6 months use of test site

    For customers requiring the use of a high wind speed test site we offer 6 months use of the test site inclusive of installation of the turbine on the site and a certified power curve for a fixed price of Euro 12,000 [2]

    [2]Turbine to 20 kW installed on a hydraulic lift tower. Larger turbines and monopole towers quoted on request.

  • CE certification

    Whilst self declaration of CE conformity is possible this is not something which can be undertaken without the correct process or an understanding of the risks of non compliance.
    To make a declaration of CE conformity requires compliance with The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) , Machinery directive (2006/42/CE) and The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive. In the UK failure to comply is a criminal office, with a penalty that can include not only a fine but also imprisonment.

    With extensive experience of CE certification we are able to offer competitively priced CE certification from Euro 15000.

  • Inverter certification

    We can also offer inverter certification to any global connection standard. Please ask for quote

  • Engineering Resource for Repairs

    The Canary Islands International Test Site offers an engineering resource for all turbine works at a very competitive price of Euro 30 / hour